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Mott's Clamato Juice is the perfect refreshing beverage any time of the year. Not only is it a tasty, thirst-quenching alternative to sodas and other sugary drinks, it's almost calorie-free. Which allows you to enjoy it guilt-free. Plus, its low sodium content makes it ideal for those of us watching our salt intake.

Clamato Mott's products are tasty and wholesome, with a fresh garnish of celery salt, pepper and lime wedges on top. Have you ever eaten one? If not, it's time to try new things!

Clamato Mott's Brand Story

Many people have fallen in love with a drink that was invented by a Canadian in 1969. It is made from tomato juice and clam juice. The name of the drink comes from Walter Chell, who created it. Shortly after, Mott's Clamato went even further by creating new flavors and choosing to offer them on Canadian soil rather than selling them abroad as is the case today.

They believe everyone deserves the magic moment they had when they first tried it. Mott's Clamato slowly evolved into something more than just a drink. It has become an institution and part of Canadian culture.

Clamato Mott's brand products

Mott's Clamato Juice comes in three delicious flavors: Original, Spicy Tomato & Garlic, and Lemonade with Lime. Each 500-calorie (18-ounce) serving contains just 10 calories from fat, 3 from saturated fat, and 90 milligrams of sodium. Some of these flavors include Mott's Clamato Ginger Ale and Mott's Clamato Spicy Tomato Water.

Mott's also makes a wide variety of other products, such as sauces, tomato juice drinks, and a range of cocktail mixes in different flavors. Mott's Clamato is made from tomato juice, clam broth and spices. It is often used to make a Caesar cocktail. Plus, you can create your own cocktail recipe using Clamato Mott's brand products.

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