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The Clark brand

Clark is a Canadian company that specializes in the production of bean or white beans in cans.

The company was inspired by the sugar shack: a place where the making of'maple or maple syrup are made.

A brief history of the Clark brand

For the Clark brand, she only has eyes for the bean. More precisely the baked bean which has become a tradition in Canada.

For decades, the great cooks cooked the beans in a ceramic pot directly on the fire. And it was not until 1907 that William Clark, the founder, was inspired to create this traditional recipe of bean.

This brand is now internationally recognized. She knows how to combine the taste with a note of the famous maple syrup. Nowadays, Clark remains a reference for cooking good beans.

Advantage of consuming Clark brand beans

Spreading the taste or flavor of the bean. The Clark brand has always kept the benefits of bean consumption on health:

  • The richness in vitamins of group B and group C.
  • Source of fiber.
  • Vegetable protein for a nutritious and reconstituting virtue.
    All these benefits are respected by society.

The different products of the Clark brand

The beans prepared by Clark are always fresh. The company presents 10 types of beans with unparalleled and delicious quality. They are prepared organically by removing preservatives, GMOs and BPA. Here are the products of the famous Clark:

  • Beans in maple syrup,
  • Beans with maple syrup and ham,
  • Old fashioned beans with pork,
  • Country Breakfast Style Beans,
  • Beans flavored with maple syrup,
  • Old Fashioned Baked Beans,
  • Baked beans with molasses,
  • Dark baked beans with molasses,
  • Beans in tomato sauce,
  • Baked beans in tomato sauce

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Brand: Clark

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Old Fashioned Baked Beans - 398 ml

Price €3.55

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Brand: Clark

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Maple syrup flavored beans - 398 ml

Price €3.55


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