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Whether you want to unwind with the perfect cocktail or relax with a glass of their artisanal gin, Distillerie La Chaufferie offers it all!

Located in Granby, Distillerie La Chaufferie offers a variety of gin and vodka made from locally sourced ingredients, as well as a wide selection of different cocktails. Its goal is to create quality products that are both sociable and empowering for customers.

The history of the Distillerie la Chauderie brand

The Distillerie La Chaufferie brand is the story of four friends who persevered to produce exceptional quality products from local Quebec grain, in a beautifully restored building to house their stills, Mikki, Melody and Veronika. The distillery is housed in an old stone farmhouse built in the 1860s. The property is located near Montreal, on a hill overlooking the Chaudière Falls. This picturesque location can only offer an impregnable view every day.

Distillerie La Chaufferie produces distinctive distilled spirits. She has always wanted all of her products to be accessible, affordable and that they all have their particularity and their own charm. It has endeavored to perfect every facet of brewing: distillation, fermentation, ageing, bottling.

Products from the Distillerie la Chauderie brand

The products produced by the La Chauderie Distillery are triple distilled and bottled exclusively at specific alcohol levels by volume. The brand uses only natural Canadian ingredients: spices, herbs and aromatics. The proof of their spirits is so perfect that they do not use aromatic bitters or colorings to bring out the flavors of its botanicals.

La Distillerie la Chauderie is a brand that you absolutely must try. It is a product that really has a lot of potential. With a note of maple, a spirit from the Distillerie la Chauderie will awaken your taste buds from their slumber and make them want to take action. Their vodka also features layers of caramel, chocolate, and roasted coffee notes. All products of this brand are very well spiced and go well with fruit-based cocktails:

  • The gin is creamy in texture and very distinctive on the palate.
  • The vodka is smooth and very easy to drink.
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Brand: Distillerie La Chaufferie

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Chaufferie Sugar Shack Maple Whiskey Rye

Price €33.25
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Brand: Distillerie La Chaufferie

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Canadian vodka Lemay - La Chaufferie

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Brand: Distillerie La Chaufferie

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Sugar Shack Maple Rye Whiskey Gift Set

Price €37.08
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