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Marque Habitant: Canada’s Culinary Heritage

Since its creation, the Habitant brand has established itself as an essential icon of Canadian cuisine. Evoking memories of family, shared meals and the comfort of home, Habitant is synonymous with quality, authenticity and tradition.

Characteristics of the Brand:

  • Deep Origins: Born in the heart of Quebec, Habitant reflects the richness of Canada's culinary heritage.
  • Varied range: From pea soup to vegetable sauce, each product is made with care, honoring the recipes that have made the brand famous.
  • Qualitative Commitment: Scrupulously choosing its ingredients, Habitant guarantees a taste experience reminiscent of home-cooked meals.

With the Habitant brand, each product is a promise: that of rediscovering the authentic flavors of Canada, of reliving precious moments around a table, of reconnecting with the traditions that make our nation proud.

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Brand: Habitant

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Habitant pea soup

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