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The Golden pop confectionery brand

A brand that goes almost unnoticed by everyone. These confections are well consumed by Canadians. Their goal is to produce millions of confectionery of quality that meet the requirements of tasters. All this with the use of Maple syrup quality, an iconic condiment in Canada.

Why does the Golden pop brand choose maple in all its confectionery ranges?

Golden pop's choice for the maple option is trending in Canada. Canada is a cradle of sugar bushing. The very emblem of the flag of Canada is a Maple Leaf. This plant is very popular in this country to accompany various foods. Maple nectar is produced by the sap collected each spring.

The secret of the taste of its confectionery is based on this maple syrup. Indeed, this maple leaf syrup has a sweet and tender taste. The option for maple is beneficial to the health of all people.

For Golden Pop, maple is the base product of all its product lines, add a few natural flavors and you're done.

Confectionery products from Golden pop

The Golden pop company produces confectionery made from maple syrup. The famous product of this company is “maple syrup popcorn”.

This famous product is made 100 % with some natural products, no preservatives or artificial flavors. Popcorn is made from But popped and crispy with pure caramelized maple syrup. The popcorn is cooked in Quebec style with a reduced sugar level.

Just put a good movie on your TV and enjoy this product 100 % Canadian.

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Brand: Confiserie Golden Pop

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Maple syrup popcorn

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