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The Bougie Seracon brand

Seracon, a candle company that, instead of using harsh chemicals to achieve a clean and efficient burn, relies on plant-based, eco-friendly wax combined with a homemade recipe for clean burning.

Seracon's goal is to provide 100 maple candles% crafts that smell good, burn long and are safe for the environment and by extension for the people who use them.

The history of the Seracon brand

Seracon is a family business in Montreal that started in Carol and Burt's basement. It focuses on private label maple candles for the luxury market. Seracon's goal has always been to adopt sustainable manufacturing practices and minimize its impact on the environment.

Over time, the Seracon business has refined its processes and grown with a good reputation. As a result, the list of its customers continues to grow. It includes the most influential hotels, decorators, department stores and perfumeries. Many of her clients approach her based on her already popular products, and it is for this reason that she takes pride in providing high quality and memorable products.

Seracon brand products

The artisanal candles of the Seracon brand are poured by hand by artisans. The unique formula and production process allows the company to achieve maple candles that last 70 % longer than average brands, without harmful smoke or soot.

All Seracon products are guaranteed non-GMO, vegan, no fillers, no animal testing, no pesticides or herbicides, and no phthalates. Many are the people who use them as aromatherapy candles, home decorations and gifts for any occasion.

For years, Seracon has developed lines of scented candles that combine premium soy wax with pleasant fragrances. These candles have handcrafted wicks (unbleached cotton or wood) for clean burning and a lasting scent:

  • Classic Maple Syrup Candle ​
  • Votive candle with maple syrup
  • Maple Syrup Travel Candle
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Reference: LTE0002

Brand: Bougie Seracon

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Candle with real maple scent 110g

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Reference: LTE0049

Brand: Bougie Seracon

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Candle with real maple scent 500g

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